Our packs have been specifically developed in conjunction with health care professionals and aims to provide a more accessible fruit snack for consumers with fine motor skill difficulties.

Introducing SPC Provital

Introducing SPC Provital

SPC ProVital offers a range of easy-open, delicious and nutritious portion controlled fruit cups for the healthcare sector in a convenient 120g x 24 pack.

Our range includes:

Diced Fruit

Smooth Fruit Puree

NEW Fibre Right Puree range

The SPC ProVital range of fruit inspired nutritional products are passionately driven by 3 core beliefs:

  • We believe in a life well lived through natural positivity

  • We believe delicious and nutritious foods are one of the great joys of a positive life that one should never have to compromise upon

  • And we believe that making those positive nutritional choices supports health and longevity so we can all continue to participate in a rich and joyful life

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Easy Open Packaging

Easy Open Packaging

Our SPC ProVital packs have been specifically developed using the guidelines established by Arthritis Australia and aim to provide a more accessible fruit snack for consumers with fine motor difficulties.

The benefits of accessible packaging:

Recognised by the Australian Institute of Packaging as contributing to reducing food waste.*

9 in 10 patients surveyed found the new SPC ProVital cup is easier to open**

1. June 2016: SPC ProVital® easy-open cup won Food Service category in the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP)/World Packaging Organisation (WPO) Save Food Packaging Awards. This new award recognises companies which are developing innovative and sustainable packaging that minimises food losses and food waste.

2. Trained healthcare interviewers under the facilitation of Metis Healthcare research surveyed 400 patients and 50 carers at Royal Northshore Hospital. Collecting data on the accessibility of the SPC ProVital cup versus the incumbent cup. 50% of patients interviewed had a motor or sensory impairment or both. ‘Fibre Right’ is a trade mark of SPC Ardmona.  ‘SPC ProVital’ is a registered trade mark of SPC Ardmona.