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SPC launches 100% Aussie Grown Baked Beans

SPC launches 100% Aussie Grown Baked Beans

Got a happy little human being who won’t eat their veggies?


Outsneak them thanks to new 100% Aussie made SPC Baked Beans and Spaghetti - with a serve of nutritious veggies hiding in the sauce.

Our new SPC Sneaky Veg range puts you one step ahead at the kitchen table with a serve of veg that can’t be seen, making sure your kids stay as happy little human beings.

Available in a convenient four pack, including our kids’ favourites Baked Beans, Spaghetti and Numberghetti, plus introducing the new Spag-a-stralia - filled with shapes of iconic Aussie landmarks and animals in a delicious sauce.

Find out more www.happylittlehumanbeings.com.au/

Have you seen our latest SPC Sneaky Veg ad? Click here to watch youtu.be/gX98Uj7Q5rU


Based on Australian Dietary Guidelines (2013) NHMRC


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