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Recent media articles about SPC Ardmona and Australian Food Manufacturing industry

SPC Media Coverage

The latest news about SPC Ardmona in the media:


DVD / News Clips


SPC Ardmona and Friends Provide Food Aid to Victims of Typhoon Haiyan (YouTube)

SPC Ardmona and Karen Martini Showcase's Aussie Grown Products (YouTube)

SPC Ardmona in the Goulburn Valley - "Somethings Are Meant To Be Made in Australia" (YouTube) 

Managing Director Peter Kelly on The Project (YouTube)




Peter Kelly talks with Warwick Long about Fruit Growers meeting (ABC, 28 Nov 2013) 

Peter Kelly talks with Alan Jones about the Goulburn Valley (2GB, 15 Nov 2013)

Peter Kelly talks with Ross Greenwood about anti-dumping (2GB, 1 Nov 2013)

Peter Kelly talks with John Stanley about Goulburn Valley and anti-dumping (2UE, 1 Nov 2013)




A selection of newspaper articles covering SPC Ardmona milestones in 2013.


SPC Typhoon Aid (Shepparton News, 5 Dec 2013)

Macfarlane Enlists Combet (The Australian, 4 Dec 2013)  

Kelly Frustrated by Low Support (Country News, 2 Dec 2013)

Advancing Australia Not So Fair (Food Magazine, Dec 2013)

SPCA Closure Reports (Shepparton News, 7 Nov 2013)

Coles Bears Fruit For Struggling Cannery (Weekly Times, 6 Nov 2013)

Tomato Fee Hike (Weekly Times, 6 Nov 2013)

Starvation Rations (Weekly Times, 30 Oct 2013)

Cannery Crisis Rallies for SPC (Weekly Times 23 Oct 2013)

SPC Cannery Crisis Hurt Region (Weekly Times, 16 Oct 2013)

Dwindling Market for Fruits of their Labour (The Australian, 5 Oct 2013)

Without $25mil SPC Risks Going Under (The Australian, 5 Oct 2013)

Fruit Failure (The Australian, 27 Sept 2013)

Lifeline for a Lucky Few (Weekly Times, 18 Sept 2013)

All Woolworths Private Label To Be Locally Sourced (Australian Financial Review, 5 Sept 2013)

Fruit Lifeline (Shepparton News, 2 Sept 2013)

Shepparton Fights For Jobs (Stock & Land, 22 May 2013)

Thinking About Ending the Orchard (Shepparton News, 12 Apr 2013)

Growers Face Chop (Shepparton News, 12 Apr 2013)



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