SPC are a proud Australian company and encourage Australians to buy locally grown products and support our farmers and local production and jobs.

Supporting Australia and the Goulburn Valley

At SPC, our purpose is to produce naturally good food, with a goal to create a sustainable and profitable business for generations to come. We employ 600 permanent employees and approximately 1,000 during the fruit-picking season each and every year. More than 80 percent of these people are based in Victoria's Goulburn Valley. They’re likely to be your neighbours, your family and your friends, and so at SPC, we feel we have a responsibility to this community and commitment to the region – that’s just one way we’re 100% for Aussies.
As a company that has been in Australia for almost 100 years, we encourage Aussies to buy locally grown products - and support our farmers, local production and jobs here on Australian soil.

When you spend $1 with SPC, it generates an additional $1.73 into the Australian economy. That’s because SPC sales support more than 3,400 Australian jobs, 255 Aussie farmers and 20 Victorian businesses.*

 *Source: REMPLAN, Impact Survey 2012.