Our Growers

SPC Ardmona has had a long and enduring relationship with our growers.

Our Australian Growers

We’re proud of our association with our Australian growers who provide the fruit and vegetables for our Australian made products. Without our growers we simply wouldn’t exist. Likewise, growers in the Goulburn and Murray Valley areas, as well as elsewhere in Australia, rely on SPC for their own livelihoods.

Many of our 138 growers are highly skilled third generation orchardists from a diversity of ethnic backgrounds, including Greek, Italian, Albanian and Indian – each with an incredible story to tell.

You can learn more about the SPC growers and community in the Goulburn Valley, through the short film: "Some Things Are Meant To Be Made in Australia".


Grower facts

  • Approximately 138 Goulburn Valley fruit growers supply fruit to SPC .
  • The main growing areas from which our fruit is sourced from are Shepparton, Cobram, Invergordon, Bunbartha, Ardmona, Tatura and Kyabram - and all lie within one hour of our processing facilities.
  • In these areas, the majority of permanent planting is devoted to apples, pears, peaches, nectarines, plums and apricots.
  • Tomatoes are mainly supplied by growers in Rochester, Victoria and the Murray Valley region, delivered to SPC through Echuca based tomato processor Kagome; with additional tomatoes sourced from the finest growers in Jerilderie, New South Wales.
  • All Australian baked beans are supplied by growers in Kingaroy, Queensland and as far north as Cape York to down south near Shepparton.




Registered fruit growers can log in to fruit processors they supply, to access specific business information and tools that will assist them in managing their orchard. To log in visit the Fruitweb site and enter your username and password.

Meet Our Aussie GrowersGrower profiles

Mark Hill - Timmering, Victoria 


Mark Hill’s tomato farm in the Timmering region of Northern Victoria has been a family business for more than 60 years.

Mark knows the business of growing Aussie tomatoes from the inside and out, having started farming at just sixteen years old with his father. He  now manages the farm with the help of his cousins and workers. The Tomato seedlings are planted  October and November and are vine-ripened under the Australian sun. Harvested from early February through to mid-April, Marks quality, fresh and succulent Australian grown tomatoes, are supplied to SPC.  


Nick Parris - Banbartha, Victoria 

 Nick Parris Grower

No one knows peaches better than orchardist Nick Parris and his family. The Parris family orchard in Bunbartha, just north of Shepparton in the Goulburn Valley has rich fertile soils, which are ideal growing conditions to produce the perfect peach. The Parris family has been supplying juicy peaches to SPC for more than  60 years – here’s to 60 more.


John Dimitropoulos - Shepparton East, Victoria 


John Dimitropoulos Grower

John Dimitropoulos is a third generation orchardist and having started on the land at just 15 years old, has a real passion for pears. The Dimitropoulos’s supply SPC with tasty and quality Williams and Packham pears, fresh from their Shepparton East orchard in the Goulburn Valley each and every year.


Robert Webb - Toolamba, Victoria 


Robert Webb Grower

Robert Webb and his wife Ann run their family orchard, which is more than 100 years old in Toolamba, just outside of Shepparton. It’s a true family affair with their sons and daughters helping with the planting and the harvesting over the years. The Webbs supply SPC with their succulent quality plums every January, which are used in a huge variety of delicious products right here in Australia.


Adrian Pogue - Toolamba, Victoria 

 Adrian Pogue Grower

Adrian Pogue is following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather by supplying SPC with the unbeatable apricots fresh from his Toolamba orchard during December and January. His orchard provides the ideal growing conditions for apricots with the right kinds of winter frosts, plenty of sun, good soil and clean water. That’s the secret to his incredible fruits, year after year. 



Adrian Pogue Grower