Celebrating 100 Years!
SPC is one of Australia’s oldest and most loved fruit processors, and recently voted one of the top 20 brands Australian consumers can’t live without, and we remain the largest producer of packaged vegetables in Australia.
We have been putting food on the tables of Australians since 1918 – whether that’s Aussie grown stone fruit, tomatoes, or other iconic Aussie snacks such as our SPC Baked Beans and Spaghetti
“We’ve always believed that knowing where your food is grown is important to consumers and we have some of the best growing conditions in the world right here in the Goulburn Valley. With fifth generation growers, some of whose families have been with us for 100 years and all our horticultural knowledge and experience, we are more than an iconic regional food producer – we are a national treasure.”
SPC Managing Director, Reg Weine.

Lehmo visits Shepparton the home of SPC, to celebrate it’s 100th year preserving delicious produce from the region

There’s nothing better than homemade.

Meet Dorothy Godwill – Her family has been feeding Australians delicious quality Aussie fruit for over 68 years.

The Classic Pav made with 100% Aussie peaches.

Aussie Classic, Oozing SPC Baked Bean jaffles. Aussie familes have loved and trusted SPC for 100 years.

The best tomatoes grow in golden soil.

An Aussie Classic! Made in our own backyard.

Delicious Goulburn Valley Peaches.

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  • Sometimes simple is best. 
How do you best enjoy your SPC baked beans?
  • Our FruMax pouches are packed full of all the good stuff!
  • Colourful, nutritious and super delicious! Try our baked bean and veg patty.
  • Our two-fruit mug muffin is oh so simple and oh so delicious. 🤤
  • Our scrumptious coconut rice pudding topped with SPC sun-kissed apricots.
  • This Jaffle Friday is simple with a touch of fancy. 
Try our SPC spaghetti, spinach and mushroom jaffle combo.
  • For on the go snacking, look no further than our NEW FruMax pouches.
  • Puree & Simple is the perfect way to slip some sneaky fruit into the kid's diet while on the go.
  • Start your day the right way with our two fruit breakfast parfait.
  • Did you know, the most baked beans eaten with a toothpick is 166 in 3 minutes?
  • Our juicy plums are grown in our own backyard for all to enjoy!
  • Let the kids get creative and sneak some fruit into their dessert. It's a win-win!