Celebrating 100 Years!
SPC is one of Australia’s oldest and most loved fruit processors, and recently voted one of the top 20 brands Australian consumers can’t live without, and we remain the largest producer of packaged vegetables in Australia.
We have been putting food on the tables of Australians since 1918 – wheter that’s Aussie grown stone fruit, tomatoes, or other iconic Aussie snacks such as our SPC Baked Beans and Spaghetti
“We’ve always believed that knowing where your food is grown is important to consumers and we have some of the best growing conditions in the world right here in the Goulburn Valley. With fifth generation growers, some of whose families have been with us for 100 years and all our horticultural knowledge and experience, we are more than an iconic regional food producer – we are a national treasure.”
SPC Managing Director, Reg Weine.

Lehmo visits Shepparton the home of SPC, to celebrate it’s 100th year preserving delicious produce from the region

There’s nothing better than homemade.

Meet Dorothy Godwill – Her family has been feeding Australians delicious quality Aussie fruit for over 68 years.

The Classic Pav made with 100% Aussie peaches.

Aussie Classic, Oozing SPC Baked Bean jaffles. Aussie familes have loved and trusted SPC for 100 years.

The best tomatoes grow in golden soil.

An Aussie Classic! Made in our own backyard.

Delicious Goulburn Valley Peaches.

Our Brands
Australia's favourite Brands
  • Nutritionally bean-ificial salads to inspire your meal-prep. 💪🏼
  • Sharing the highest quality fruit with you
  • With a face that cute they won't even notice the veggies 😏
  • All it takes is a little sunshine and a sprinkle of rain 🌱
  • Baked beans are essentially soul food. Go on, make your soul happy today.
  • Somethings just go together...and have for over 100 years!
  • SPC fruit cups, made in our own backyard.
  • Smash the pav out of the park with 100% Aussie Peaches. 🍑
  • When it’s late in the arvo and the kids are hungry (like normal) but there’s still a few hours until dinnertime. Whip up some Mini Bean Pizzas
  • When you’re still waiting in the car for soccer practice to finish and need to keep Little Miss happy… make sure you have fruity muffins on hand to save the day! #Muffins #Hack
  • When the kids decide they want to eat what you’re eating for dinner but you know they’re fussy little buggers…make Apricot Chicken and Rice. #Chicken #Hack #Apricot
  • We know it's cold outside! So get toasty indoors with these Ham, Cheese and Shallot Jaffles using SPC Baked Beans. As part of the Foodbank Australia Shop & Share campaign, you have one more week to buy a can of 425g SPC Baked Beans from Woolworths and a donation will be triggered to help feed Aussie families in need.

Full recipe here: http://bit.ly/BakedbeanjafflesSS17